Borderlands: A New Kind of Game For Its Time

Borderlands: Just How Crazy is This Shoot and Loot Train?

Back in 2009 a software company known as Gearbox decided to release a game that would not only redefine the modern role playing game, but bring with it an attitude and a sense of humor very few games dare to tackle on. That game is called Borderlands,┬áit combines elements of the first person shooter, a style of game where you play from a first person point of view giving you a sense of immersion and a feeling of playing the character you are portrayed as. And the role playing game, where you take on a role that defines what you are capable of and the abilities you possess grow in power as you adventure and take on ever bigger challenges. The game’s appeal is mainly focused on the customization of your character from the way they look, to the skills you can choose to define how you play, to the arsenal of weapons that are as varied as there are parts for them. According to figures from Gearbox, there are over 11 million different types of guns ranging from pistols, sub-machine guns to assault rifles, rocket launchers and more.

And if that wasn’t enough then the zany world of Pandora in which you are thrust into will draw you in. From it’s colorful, comic book style cel-shaded graphics, to the evocative music, the witty dialogue you hear from the characters you interact with to the crazy enemies you have to triumph over. Bandits, mercenaries, robots, aliens, the beasts of Pandora to zombies and Frankenstein creations only a mad scientist could come up with. The Game of the Year Edition features all of the downloadable content released for the game, giving you several hours of content to digest. And the beautiful part of it is you don’t have to do it alone, you can play co-op with friends online or on the same television through split-screen.

Either way you cut it Borderlands has developed a cult following and become a popular phenomonom, so if this wild ride sounds like your idea of fun I suggest you pick it up and take part in the new era of Shoot and Loot.